Airport Salzburg GmbH

365 days a year we „Welcome you to Salzburg Airport“

All year long the airport staff makes an effort to allow the more than 1.7 million passengers to have a pleasant arrival and departure. For the airport management quality is very important, because visitors take their first and last impression of Salzburg, which they get at the airport, back home. In this sense the airport acts like a “business card” for the entire region.

Every year, tourists and business travelers use the airport to come to Austria’s most important festival city, to the city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In winter, holiday-hungry guests visit the region of Salzburg to experience the magic of the snow, skiing slopes and Christmas shopping. Winter guests can look forward to 70 skiing areas, approximately 2.000 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes and more than 430 ski lifts, leading up to 3.000 meters above sea level. Summer time however, attracts guests by offering beautiful mountain pastures, crystal-clear lakes that have drinking water quality, art and culture. Visitors can experience the traditional life in one of the 1.800 mountain pastures and 550 mountain huts in the region of Salzburg, which treat visitors with typical Salzburger culinary specialities, as well as accommodation directly at the mountain.

Best flight connections to the silent-night-regions

Being a famous cultural capital, Salzburg is heavily frequented during the whole year by thousands of tourists every day. Especially, when the Salzburg festivals reach their peak in summer, the apron at Salzburg Airport also offers an interesting view. You will see many private jets and business-jets, which are positioned there during the festivals. Music and culture have at least one thing in common:  they connect people across all boundaries. An example would be the world-famous song “Silent Night”. In 2018 Salzburg is going to celebrate its 200-year anniversary. “Silent Night” has been translated into more than 300 languages. Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart ensures a well-balanced flight program and transports more than 1 million passengers from Germany, the British Islands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, France, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Russia and from many other countries all over the world to Mozart´s city of Salzburg.

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