200 years “Silent Night”

On the traces of “Silent Night”

Gentle tunes and soothing words that touch the soul: The magic of “Silent Night” has remained uninterrupted for 200 years. A song that promises consolation and gives hope. Over and over again.

For centuries, the song has crossed borders and overcome crises. It connects people no matter their origin, age or religion, and provides a link back to the time during which it was created. 200 years ago, Joseph Mohr, a priest from Salzburg, and Franz Xaver Gruber, a teacher from Upper Austria, sang the song for the very first time at the St. Nikola Church in Oberndorf near Salzburg. The original poem was authored by Joseph Mohr, whereas Franz Xaver Gruber added the melody on his request. Only a few years later, singing families from the Zillertal valley carried the song from Austria into Europe and the rest of the world. Today, the song is performed in over 300 languages and dialects.

On the traces of “Silent Night”

For the song’s 200-year anniversary, the many Silent Night locations in SalzburgerLand, Upper Austria and Tirol invite you to follow the traces of the world-famous Christmas song:

  • discover the song’s magic and its origin story at the 13 Silent Night locations in SalzburgerLand, Upper Austria and Tirol
  • dive into the history of and explore the many stories around the world-famous Christmas song
  • countless special exhibitions and events are planned at the various Silent Night museums for the anniversary year of 2018
  • explore picturesque villages, towns and other special places via individual tours and travel routes spread across the three provinces
  • enjoy the Christmas period through atmospheric Christmas markets and winter season specials surrounded by the dreamy natural landscape
  • take advantage of attractive holiday packages and offers for a romantic getaway onto the traces of the world-famous Christmas song
  • try out Christmas recipe ideas from the country of origin of “Silent Night”



Special exhibitions

Decentralised provincial exhibition

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Felsenreitschule Salzburg

„My Silent Night“

at the Felsenreitschule theatre in Salzburg

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Joseph Mohr’s first own parish

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Rainersänger, Familie, New York


The global journey of “Silent Night”

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