Silent Night Locations

Silent Night Locations

There are thirteen Silent Night locations in the federal states of Upper Austria, Tirol and the Salzburger Land. All of them are municipalities that are closely connected with the song: This is either because Franz Xaver Gruber or Joseph Mohr lived there for a period of time or because the song itself is of particular importance here.

The song “Silent Night!” has always been commemorated and celebrated in a special way in these locations: either with museums, remembrance points, chapels and churches, theme trails or guided tours. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary in 2018, these endeavours were intensified in all Silent-Night-Locations: Museums were renewed and reopened, new exhibition ideas were turned into reality and an abundance of events enriched the advent and Christmas periods. The anniversary year 2018 was a time of joy and celebration! But also after this special year there is a lot to see and experience in the Silent-Night-Locations.

The real backgrounds and histories

Although still only 2017 – one year before the 200th anniversary – the “Silent Night!” locations already have a lot to offer: But in a mindful and observant manner. It is not about the hustle and bustle or the commercial aspects, instead the song, its creators and its message of peace are to the forefront. Beyond that, the endeavour to explain the real history behind the song to visitors is very strong. There are many legends and half-truths told about “Silent Night!”: The song fosters the creation of legends and entices people to embroider its history with fantastical add-ons. The real story is told at the “Silent Night!” locations: Simple and moving.

A wonderful journey into the land of the Silent Night

People from all across the globe are invited to discover for themselves the wonderful places that the song originated from and that Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr, as well as Tirol’s nature and national singers, called home. The smaller and larger locations, as well as the urban centres in the heart of Europe have retained their history and their charm. These are not places where people are just served up artificial experiences, these are instead places of encounter. Visitors can expect modern exhibitions, lovingly maintained museums full of local history and treasures of art-historical significance that have their very own stories to tell. Here visitors can meet people with a close personal connection with the song. And they tell the story of Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber: And how both these men changed Christmas forever.

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